Naja Utzon Popov

Naja Utzon Popov is a Danish/Australian sculptor, ceramicist and textile designer who is internationally oriented in her work. She studied drawing and painting in Australia before moving to the UK, where she continued her formal education at the University of Westminster. Naja Utzon Popov’s childhood years in Denmark and her time in Australia have always been an important source of inspiration for her work. Naja’s works of art reflect a modern edge derived directly from the simplicity of the natural surroundings and aesthetic sensitivity in which she has been immersed all her life. These influences find expression in her work, where she translates her encounters with nature into sculptures, ceramics, glassware and textiles. Among some of Najas major works have been a gravity-defying clay sculpture for the Rosendahl A/S corporate headquarters in Copenhagen. A monumental outdoor sculpture entitled 'Gathering', which rises from the ground like ancient columns formed from Welsh slate, was commissioned for the corporate collection of the Danish organisation, Humana as well as ceramic sculpture installations for Saks Fifth Aves art collection in both NYC and in Puerto Rico. Naja works directly with clients, architects and interior designers around the world to create unique and site-specific artworks as well as rugs.

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